Born in Amsterdam, Ger bought a WWII surplus military Harley Davidson as a teenager and began working on 2stroke engines, which lead to  building Motorcross and Enduro engines for the professional circuit. He worked for the NS rail service for 40 years while pursuing other interests on the side. After a motorcycle accident left him with the diagnosis of being unable to walk for 2 years, or having a leg amputated, he developed special shoes which allowed him to keep his leg and, lead in turn to freelance consultancy with Le Coq Sportif and L.A. Gear. The running shoe design combined with his unbeatable determination, and,  in the years following his accident, Ger ran over 80 marathons.

  An engineer at heart, Ger has produced his own model of carbon fiber bicycles, repaired and refurbished juke boxes around the world, and works on old mopeds in his free time. After seeing a very young Rosenberg trio perform, he began restoring guitars, collecting and producing his own.

From his wife Marion:  " I remember one day that Ger was sitting on the couch and looking at an ice skate for almost an hour, to which I asked "what are you doing?", and he replied " seeing if there is anything I can improve!" " This is the focus that Ger brings to his workshop, a desire to refine  past designs and continually make better instruments.