Fapy Model by Ger Boonstra

by samick westone » Wed Apr 18, 2007 2:44 pm

I am the proud owner of a Fapy Model guitar and it is very, very good. I own Fapy's guitar it is the one which you can see on his website.

Fapy and Ger have done a lot of work on making a great guitar and I really can't praise this instrument enough.

I was able to play on Fapy's Selmers and then on the Fapy Model so I can confirm that it sounds equal if not superior to those great guitars.

Buy one if you can...


photo by Gerry Walden

For over a decade Fapy's go to guitar has been his trusty Boonstra. He will occasionally bring his Selmer out for a concert, but any video or photo from the last 13 years shows which guitar Fapy relies on for the tone and power to bring his beautiful lines to life.

Notice that Fapy refinished the guitar after a slight accident. He recently recorded a lesson series with DC  music school available here: