Art Deco style
Fanned Tailpiece

                                 Boonstra Original Design Tailpieces

Unique design increases tone and brilliance while reducing string tension. Angled compensation and staggered peg height for the best possible sound and playability.

"I finally fitted the Boonstra tailpiece and it definitely makes a difference to the guitar. Previously I found the bass side of things to be slightly muddy and all the strings felt stiff. Bending was also a real issue. After fitting the Boonstra I find the guitar is slightly brighter with a touch more volume and bending is much easier. The only downside is a slight ringing but this is barely noticeable and could probably be fixed with some felt under the taipiece - my next job."

- Crooked Pinky @ Djangobooks forum

* We always recommend adding a bit of felt under  any tailpiece for any overtone ringing, which is common with most tailpieces. Ger adds this with any tailpiece installation he does in the shop.