Boonstra Gypsy Guitar Players

The Great Fapy Lafertin's "go-to guitar" for touring and recording over the last 10 years has been his Signature Model Boonstra Guitar.

It's beautiful tone matches Fapy's melodic style perfectly.

Stochelo Rosenberg needs no introduction in the world of Gypsy Jazz. He has performed many concerts with his Boonstra, and used one of Ger's Guitars to record the music used for the movie "Django",

available here:

Jan Limberger, from the famous De Piotto's band, equally at home on violin and guitar, is pictured here with his own Signature Boonstra Guitar.

Mozes Rosenberg, younger brother of Stochelo, has developed a style of his own; and his "antique" Boonstra guitar is his number one instrument.

Listen to Mozes' new CD with Tcha Limberger here:

Boba Demeter, the great gypsy guitarist with his Boonstra

Dorado Schmitt, one of the few pure Django style guitarists carrying on the tradition, pictured here playing his Signature Model Boonstra Guitar.